Saturday, September 14, 2013

When everything just gets messed up...

Hi, it's little Seulrin here!
*sight* Do some of you guys know the feeling when you just don't know what to do? When everything in your life is all messed up? I'm at that point right now... just so confused over my life and in which direction to go... 

Yesterday everything just turned upside down, and I did something I never EVER done before - I skipped class. I'm normally a good student, but on the morning bus on my way to school I started to feel a sudden pain in my stomach. It wasn't something I never felt before, so I knew exactly what it was. I was so damn scared of going to school. I tried to talk to my boyfriend who went with me, but I didn't want to start crying in front of him (It's not that I can't, but I didn't want him to come late for school because of me, btw his in a different school). So could I do? I really felt like crying! I called my mom, and started crying. I was already outside my school when that happened. It felt so horrible so I just told her ''Mom, I can't go'' and she told me to go somewhere and sit down for a moment... 

My mom helped me out a lot that morning, and she called a teacher who came out to me and talked with me for a while. I can't believe how nice he was to me! He told me that he should talk to some of my teachers, so we together can solve the problem. I talked to my homeroom teacher that day, and actually she is the main reason why I get so stressed up in school (she is my English and German teacher and she gives us A LOT to do). I don't feel that our little conversation solved the whole problem, but it's a start. 

By this I really wanna tell you guys some things; 
1# Don't be afraid of as your parents, teachers or other adults for help! Your parents always want their child to be happy and the teachers job is to help you so be brave and tell them about how you feel before you drown in everything yourself! 
2# Sometimes it feels like you wanna quite school and give in, but at that moment you have to think of every single positive thing that cross your mind. Even thought you not might be the brightest in school, finishing high school (or which school you might be in) helps you SO MUCH in the future. 
3# Try to see the small steps as a victory<3 [...] I talked to my homeroom teacher and explained how I felt, which was a huge step for me - earlier in the morning while I was crying i didn't even dare to go on her lessons. 
High School is the part of life when you really change and become YOURSELF (many people say) so fight for the one you want to be! <3 
Love Seulrin